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The tourism industry has played a key role in the development of many economies. India is one such country that has greatly benefited from the tourism industry, based on the fact that it has several attraction sites. Himachal Pradesh, a mountainous landscape located at Himalayas' foothills is one such attraction. Most adventure lovers seek this place because it offers a fleshing escape for individuals who crave the crisp mountain air. There are several attraction sites in Himachal. This article analyzes some of them.

This place was once the summer capital when the British Raj ruled India. However, with the disappearance of the British, the place no longer enjoys that title. However, it remains to be Himachal Pradesh's state capital. The town is wonderfully cool and charming, sprawling along the ridge of the mountain. It is enveloped in pine, oak and rhododendron forests. It has historical significance because of its buildings that embrace the colonial styles. The fact that it has a historic railway also gives it the much-deserved reputation. Shimla has really an old church. This church is one of the town's landmarks. In this town, one gets the perfect view of the Vice regal Loge and the Scandal Point when they are on the Observatory Hill. This is one of Himachal's key attractions.

With Himalayas' soothing backdrop, Manali offers a mix of adventure and tranquility that qualifies it to be one of India's most popular destinations. In this place, the freedom that the tourists get is key: one can do as much or as little as they want. The fact that it is located in the Kullu Valley makes it a magical place, least because it is bordered by raging Beas River and the cool pine forest. These give it a special energy.

Dharamshalas and MacLeod Ganj
These two towns are nestled in a very short distance between them in the Kangra Valley. Important to note is the fact that these two towns have a historical significance because they act as a home of the Tibetan Government which was exiled. Because The Dalai Lama resides here, many Tibetans followed him. The two towns are known because they offer philosophical courses and Buddhist meditation. This makes it one of the attraction sites in the region.

This is a remote and high altitude area in Himachal, tucked against the border of Tibet and Ladakh. It was opened to foreign tourists in 1991 and as such, it has not been explored fully. Some of the facts that have hindered exploration in this area include the barren alpine desert which is covered in snow in several days of the year In order to reach this place, one has to have a long drive from Manali.

This is another area that is less explored in Himachal. The place offers the best experience for people seeking to have striking, unspoiled views. The area is spread over a number of hills. It has a number of cheap hotels that are reminiscent of the era. It is in this place that Kalatope Wildlife Sanctuary is located. It is important to take into mind that traffic rules differ from one country to another. This has led to a number of accidents. Tourists are advised to hire drivers who understand the terrain of the locality.


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